Diet Pills: Is Tenuate a Good Option for You?


If you are someone who continuously fails at weight loss attempts, you are not alone. America has an unbelievable obesity epidemic. More and more Americans are finding themselves defeated in the struggle for fitness.

A common weight loss option is diet and weight loss pills. Everyone is in search of that one pill that is going to deliver rapid results. With so many different varieties of diet pills on the market today it is difficult to separate the difference.

Tenuate is usually prescribed as an appetite suppressant for weight loss

Tenuate is a diet pill that is usually prescribed as an appetite suppressant for weight loss. However, it is only recommended for short term use.

It is said to be useful in accomplishing long term weight loss success. Proper nutrition and intense work outs do not deliver desired results for many.

Tenuate is typically used when the body is nonresponsive to other methods. Within a short period, the effects of this medication are evident. This weight loss medication is not at all for extensive use.

Just a few weeks from the time the prescription for this medication is filled, it becomes out dated. Once out dated the Tenuate pill will lose its effectiveness and the body will no longer respond to the pill.

The pill works by stimulating a part of the brain known as the Hypothalamus. Your Hypothalamus is an area of the brain that controls appetite and hunger. Once Tenuate is broken down within your body, appetite is suppressed leaving you less hungry throughout the day.

Tenuate is a not a typical diet pill, it is a potent medication prescribed only by a physician. Instructions given with Tenuate must be followed to prevent undesired out comes.

Missing a dosage is not recommended, nor is over dosage. This medication should only be taken as prescribed by a physician. Tenuate should not be taken with other weight loss medication.

Side effects of tenuate

Upset stomach, vision complications, sleep deprivation, anxiety, dizziness, and dry mouth are all common side effects of Tenuate. If these side effects worsen or persist you are urged to discontinue usage of the medication.

There are very few diet pills that are free from side effects. Not everyone will experience Tenuate side effects.

Tenuate should be avoided by individuals who suffer from health conditions. Those who struggle with anxiety, epilepsy or drug and alcohol abuse should refrain from consuming this diet pill.

According to the FDA, Tenuate could harm an unborn child. Yet, it is said to be so effective that two to three pounds can be shed every week.

If you are looking to drop a few pounds every week and want more information on Tenuate, speak to a licensed health care professional.