The Dangers of Sitting and Benefits of Standing (Infographic)


Sitting all day long is harmful, but how many of us can change our sedentary lifestyles? Almost no one. Even if you do not have a desk job, you probably spend a lot of the time in front of TV or computer, which means you sit too.

The dangers of sitting are intimidating. Sitting too much can lead to chronic back pain, strained neck, heart disease, foggy brain, colon cancer, muscle degeneration, leg disorders, disk damage and much more that you could imagine.

While you definitely cannot quit your job, realizing the hazards of prolonged sitting is a problem half-solved. No boss will blame you for standing or walking around the office for a few minutes every hour, so make sure you do take these little breaks. Not only will you improve your health, but you will also boost your productivity and keep your energy levels high.

The infographic mentioned below will show you all the dangers of sitting and the benefits of standing. Hopefully, it will make you correct your sedentary lifestyle. Feel free to tell us about your best ways to move more in the workplace.