A Comparison of Fragrant Bath Moisturizers


These products are available in the market for softening the bath water and moisturizing the skin. I have personally tried all of these products and can recommend the following products for sensitive skin. These products are readily available in supermarkets, drug and sundry stores and big box stores. The price is relatively inexpensive.

Vaseline Intensive Care Beads

This product is in my opinion the best among the bath moisturizers. The products comes in Gentle Breezes, Botanical Gardens, Honey Vanilla, Peaceful Orchard, and Soft Petal. I have tried all of the fragrances, except Peaceful Orchard. Gentle Breezes is my favorite scent because it is very light and turns the water a shade of blue. It is like a day at a spa in Hawaii.

I live in a location that has very hard water and even with this factor I only need to use 1/4 cup for the product to be effective in softening the water. The other great advantage of this product is no film or residue is left on the bath tub. Botanical Gardens is another light fragrances that will not effect people with scent sensitives. Honey Vanilla is a very mild vanilla fragrance.

The product is sold in a 15 ounce size that retails for under $2.00. The product is fused with Vitamin E and a complex of patented ingredients by the Vaseline brand. It is owned by Unilever a well known company. The product package recommends 1/2 cup for each bath, but you may find you like more or less than that amount. I have never had a skin reaction to any of the Vaseline Intensive Care product line.

Johnson’s Baby Bath Product & Generic

The Johnson’s Bed Time Bath is registered as a trademark. This product while marketed for babies and small children is ideal for adults with sensitive skin. I have used this product many times and the very light lavender scent is perfect. The product is fused with chamomile and lavender. The great thing for sensitive skin people is the “No Tear” formula that Johnson & Johnson claims as its main feature.

The product is pure and like Vaseline Intensive Care Beads, I have never had a negative skin reaction. The scent is mild and the result is a relaxing bath time experience. The other feature is the product does not leave a ring in the tub or any kind of residue.

The product sells normally for $4.99 for the 15 ounce liquid size. I generally use two cap fulls, but the advisory on the product states three cap fulls. I have found this product at big box store for less than $4.00. Wal-Mart sells a generic variety that I have used on occasion. I would compare the generic favorably with the named brand product. It is located in the sundry section of Wal-Mart in the baby products area. The cost of the generic is 99 cents to $1.19. It is quite a savings by purchasing the generic form.

Neutrogena Bath Oil

The light fragrance of Neutrogena’s products line is carried forward in the bath oil products. It is ideal for people with skin sensitives and while the product say oil, there is virtually no oily substance that appears on your skin after you leave the bath. It seems to magically disappear into the skin and leaves no oily substance on the surface of the skin. It is available in the original scent and a fragrance-free variety.

I use the Neutrogena products extensively and I have never had an adverse skin reaction on my face or my body. I do have very sensitive skin. The product is sold in liquid form. The retail cost is less than $11. I have purchased it on sale for less than $10. It comes in an 8.5 ounce size. I have found one cap full is adequate for the bath.

All of these products are carefully tested by the manufacturers. The other feature is the reasonable price. I have tried more expensive brands and I find their overall satisfaction does not justify the additional costs. Many bath moisturizing products may cost as high as $25 for an equivalent of the products listed above. It really is a matter of choice and price. In my opinion the products listed above are more than effective and I would use them even if I did have money to burn.