8 Common Office Problems and How to Cope with Them


The workplace can be full of situations that can leave you wondering how to cope with them. Problems at work can also leave you dreading Monday mornings and can even make your working life a misery. Here are a few common office problems and how to cope with them.

1. Backstabbing

Nowadays backstabbing is a usual thing. Finding out that somebody you thought you’re good friends with is actually talking about you or undermining you is always unpleasant.

But how can you deal with it? Be wary of what you tell people and who you trust, unless you’re sure that they are trustworthy.

2. Gossiping

One of the most typical office problems is definitely gossiping. Unfortunately, nothing is secret in an office environment and it is particularly unpleasant if you are the target of the gossip. That’s why try to be discreet about your personal life and avoid getting involved in gossiping about others.

3. Bullying

If you are bullied or you observe it happening to your coworker, you should act immediately. Make detailed notes and then report the behavior. If nothing changes, it’s better to find another job, especially if it is the senior staff doing bullying.

4. Office romance

Work is one of the common places to meet your significant other, but it’s extremely difficult to make an office romance work.

If you are dating your coworker, try to keep your personal life private at work. Also don’t be tempted to cheat with a coworker, since it will badly affect your career.

5. Lazy coworker

Most of us have had to put up with a lazy coworker who expects everyone else to do all their work. But never do that!

Be sure to make it clear to your senior staff that that person isn’t doing their job. Sure, they will not like it, but you are not there to do their work you are there to do only your work.

6. Racism and sexism

If you are the target of sexist or racist behavior, make it clear that this is illegally. Don’t keep quiet!

Make notes on every incident and then report it to your manager. If they do not take it seriously, go to your union or senior staff.

7. Sexual harassment

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is also a common office problem. It can take lots of forms, from a coworker continually asking you for a date to being threatened with losing your job if you report.

Sexual harassment must certainly be reported to senior management. Also, avoid being alone with a person who makes you feel uncomfortable.

8. Collections

Okay, this is less serious problem than other office problems, but it can also be annoying. If there’s a collection held each time somebody has a birthday, gets married or has a baby, it can really add up to a lot of money. So if you do not want to contribute, you should make it clear you don’t want to or just cannot afford it.

Unfortunately, there is no office which is free of any problems, and many of us can find ourselves facing one of the problems mentioned above.

What kinds of office problems have you experienced? Do you have any other tips for coping with common office problems? Share them, please!