Business and Blogging: Why and How


Many businesses nowadays are putting up their own blogs, even if they don’t have a website. Though this may seem like a confusing concept to some, the idea is a rather ingenious way to stay ahead of the crowd and build a real relationship with your cliental.

Why Have a Business Blog?

Blogs are less formal than websites, but are usually updated much more frequently. This allows you to establish a more friendly relationship with your customers and allows for you to advertise your business in a more camouflaged way. Blogs are not only on trend at the moment, but also give people the easy access that is now necessary with the internet. Having a blog, no matter the type of your business, is definitely an advantage.

How to Set Up Your Blog

People will not visit your blog if they aren’t getting something out of it. While you do want to advertise your business, this should be creatively disguised within the formatting of your pages. Try advertising sale nights or parties you host through your business, not tangible product. If people see just product and don’t need or want it, they will not return to your blog.

Try adding more personal touches, like biographies and pictures of yourself and willing employees. This gives people the impression that you are a community-oriented business and will make them more likely to use your services. Make sure that your information is short and sweet, yet still captivating.

Another way of personalizing your blog is having a constant forum or news feed, where you post random thoughts throughout the day and while at work. Showing people more of a personal side of the business will make them view you as more than just a salesperson, despite your lack of relationship with them. This is critical and is part of what separates the successful from the struggling.

Blog: Tips and Tricks


Choose bright and inviting colours for your blog. A dull blog will not yield as many people to stay on your site


Pictures, pictures, pictures! Having text on your blog is perfectly acceptable, but make sure you pair your writing with lots of pictures. Seeing too many words can be very intimidating for the average viewer.

Newsletters and Promotions

This should be a separate page of your blog, but it is still a critical part. Newsletters and promotions will entice people to visit your blog, and hopefully your business by extension.

Fun Components

Have a joke-of-the-day or daily specials on your blog. This will help get people on your site more frequently, increasing daily traffic.

A comments section

You should definitely include a comments/questions only email address on your blog. People may feel compelled to give you ideas or ask constructive questions. Answering politely and in a timely fashion will also give you a good reputation.

The internet is the networking tool of the present and networking with one’s clients is an invaluable resource that no businessperson can go without. Blogging is just one method of doing this and it works.