7 Best Car Insurance Companies in New York


Drivers in the Empire State have no shortage of options when it comes to car insurance carriers, but finding the best possible coverage isn’t always easy. You can make your quest for a new auto insurance policy easier by reviewing the very best New York car insurance companies.

State Farm and GEICO

It should come as no surprise that some of the names that top the list of best New York auto insurance companies include two of the most widely recognized names in the car insurance industry. State Farm and GEICO are on the list, with both companies receiving near-perfect customer service ratings. State Farm has the edge on GEICO with a better rating from J.D. Power and associates, but both companies scored well enough in recent ratings results to make the cut for the best New York car insurance companies. One benefit of choosing a national insurance company is that if you choose to move out of state and you are insured by a national carrier like State Farm or GEICO, you may not have to switch insurance companies, though you may have to switch agents within the same carrier.

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance, a local favorite, also ranked high enough to make the list of excellent New York insurance carriers, as did Ameriprise and Country Financial.


Erie, which has been in business since 1925, ranked number three overall, while Ameriprise made the number five spot for insurance carriers in the state.

Country Financial

Country Financial landed at number seven, but still had an excellent overall value score and a four-star rating from J.D. Power and Associates.

Amica Mutual

Amica Mutual earned the number two spot for car insurance carriers in a recent review of New York car insurance ratings. This insurer has been in the business for longer than any other mutual car insurance carrier, and its customers have consistently given it high customer service ratings. It may not be the most we known insurance company, but policyholders agree that it is a great company for quality car insurance.

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The best car insurance carrier in New York may surprise you. USAA is rated higher than any other insurance carrier in the state for overall excellence. J.D. Power and Associates awarded USAA with a perfect five-star rating, and customers surveyed about their experiences with the insurance carrier gave it the highest score possible. If you qualify for USAA insurance, this may be the very best option for you. Remember that in order to purchase this type of car insurance you must be a US military member, married to a US military member, or be the child or spouse of someone already covered by USAA.

If you are ready to buy a new car insurance policy, or if you are simply looking to switch carriers, reviewing the best New York car insurance companies can help you to narrow down your insurance options.