Autism Treatment


Normal life of autistic people is possible due to up-to-date treatment.

Autism calls for careful therapy, as addressing the needs of each person with the disease is of the utmost importance.
Autism treatment at UCTC is a complex of methods of intervention that guarantee the best possible results. It involves behavioral therapy, drug therapy and some other approaches.
Autism goes together with other functional disturbances that make the condition of every patient worse. They are the following: insomnia, distress of GI (gastrointestinal) tract, etc. Treating the disturbances may greatly improve the behavior of autistic people, their attentiveness and learning results.
If the autistic patient is a child, the whole family should work closely with professionals who know how to apply individual programs of intervention. The parents should be learned to follow the therapy program at home, though most treatment procedures and services are performed at hospitals under the direct supervision of professionals.

All autism treatment at UCTC is appropriate to the age of a patient. Per-school children are taught social skills; school children (especially adolescent ones) are taught how to become independent and mature; after-school children are taught how to get employed and to become a part of society and staff.
An effective model of autism treatment is characterized by the following:

  1. therapeutic treatment should take not less than 24 hours a week to give positive results;
  2. the intervention is to be delivered by well-trained doctors and is to focused on the core-areas that come under the effect of the disease;
  3. the objectives of the treatment should be well-established prior to start of the procedures;
  4. the progress of the patient should come under rigorous evaluation and recording.

Autism concerns the normal development of a person’s ability and skill to communicate and to be a part of a social surrounding. The disease first appears at the age of 0-3. It is connected with the abnormal functioning of the brain. Autism treatment at UCTC may start at any age. The sooner the therapy starts the better.

Scientists still are not sure of what the real causes of the illness are. A great research is constantly being made on it. The following factors are believed to be the starters of autism:

  1. genetics: sometimes all children in a family have autism; that is connected with genes and chromosomes
  2. the food the sick person eats on a regular basis and the way ge/she does it;
  3. subjection to mercury and poisoning with it;
  4. a situation when a person’s body is unable to absorb a minerals-vitamins complex;
  5. a person’s being sensitive to some vaccines.

Autism is a state when problems in a child’s behavior concern his/her interrelation with other people and the whole world. Such children feel difficulties playing, communicating (both verbally and non-verbally), interacting with relatives (eve parents), making friends, referring to him/herself correctly, showing empathy, etc.
Autism treatment at UCTC is a serious program that is worked out individually for each patient. Intensiveness, appropriateness and early start is the key to success when treating autism.

We make autism therapy meet the needs of a child. It may include:

  1. behavior’s analysis;
  2. the use of medication;
  3. occupating a child with something useful and interesting;
  4. speech therapy and language therapy.

The application of visual-aid materials, the means of social integration and visual therapy is a part of all therapeutic programs.

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