Acid Etched Glass – Top Pick Among Interior Designers


A top pick among interior designers, architects and home owners is acid etched glass. It has the appeal of glass, that light can flow through it freely, with the added benefit of style, privacy and extremely low maintenance. During the first stage of production this glass starts out entirely transparent like any other sheet of glass. The etching process is performed during the second stage of production, so many types of glass can be etched using acid. When the customers have chosen the glass they’d like to use in their home, business or design and specified that they’d like it to have an etched finish, the process begins. Acid is applied directly to one or both side of the glass depending on the desired look.

It dissolves a portion of the surface leaving microscopic hills and valleys in the surface, which are too small to be seen or felt by the casual observer. Because of how smooth the surface remains, the texture created by this process is revolutionary. If done correctly, acid etched glass is as easy to clean and care for as it would have been before the etching process. A sheet of glass that has a soft, frosted and translucent look is the product of this process. Without blocking the flow of a space or looking harsh it diffuses the light and provides a minimal barrier. It doesn’t look dirty as easily. Finger prints on an entirely clear surface are much more noticeable than those on etched glass. The style of glass produced is so distinct and so versatile. Acid etched glass is used in many ways. It’s great in homes, businesses and public spaces, it can also be used in furniture! Here are some ways, which architects, designers and home owners are using etched glass:


The uses for acid etched glass in the home are almost endless. Without creating division or limiting light flow, acid etched glass can provide a sense of privacy. It’s a perfect material for cabinet door or closet door panels, offering a minimalistic, clean feel while still keeping your storage space hidden. With its soft modern appearance, acid etched glass is great in living spaces as a room divider, table top or privacy window. Shower glass can also be acid etched providing a bathroom-safe, damage resistant surface for shower doors and enclosures. Check also this website for interior glass doors!


Because of the wide range of glass types that can be etched using acid, acid etched glass can be used almost anywhere. A very popular application for the frosted-looking glass is as the flooring on stairs and landings. It provides a weightless, modern appearance without compromising the safety or concealment offered by other surfaces. All types of buildings, even big ones, can benefit from the beauty of natural light throughout when dividing walls are built with acid etched glass.