7 Summer Hair Care Tips


Regardless of your hair type, summer temperatures can affect the texture and the look of the hair. In the summer, too much exposure to the sun can adversely affect the appearance and health of your hair. It is essential to take good care of your hair! Here are tips for both straight and curly hair types.

Tips for Straight Hair

1. Use a ceramic flat iron

This iron will surely ensure that your hair will receive the necessary moisture it needs so that it can easily be managed and fixed. If you apply a moisturizer before and after you use a flat iron then you will have even greater results.

2. Take advantage of UV sprays, UV protecting creams, serums, and other frizz control products

Due to the harmful rays of the sun, it is essential to ensure that your hair is protected and will not be damaged. When you use different sprays and frizz control serums you can prevent further hair problems caused by too much sun exposure. Using products specifically developed to protect the hair from the sun’s rays will aid your hair during the summer heat.

3. Try sporting a hairstyle with less layers

More layers may increase your hair’s opportunities to become frizzy. With less layers it is easier to let your hair flow without worrying about frizz.

Tips for Curly Hair

4. Apply natural moisturizing products to your hair

Natural moisturizing products specifically affect the way your hair appears. It keeps your hair soft and moisturized in spite of the sun’s heat.

5. Get products that are best for your curl type

Before you invest in your curly hair products, it is important for you to determine what type of curls you have. Different curls need different products. Looser curls may only need a moisturizing conditioner; whereas tighter curls may need a styling gel and frizz control serum.

6. Use a product with SPF protection

Products with SPF specifically protect your hair from harmful sun rays. These products may also protect you from sea water and chlorine.

7. Use a large handkerchief or scarf

Prevention is essential. When you are not in water, covering your hair with a stylish scarf or wrap will allow you to protect your hair in style!

Keep your hair healthy, protected, and fashionable during the summer. Whether your hair is curly or straight, it can beautiful all season long.