4 Ways to Stop Summer Holiday Boredom in Orange County


Children look forward to summer break all year. Yet when summer break finally arrives, kids can soon become bored and complain of having nothing to do. Incessant whining about being bored can drive moms to distraction. If you would like to get through the summer with your sanity unharmed, read through these tips for keeping kids occupied while school is out.

1. At Home

By making sure that there is plenty for children to do in the house, you can reduce the probability of fighting, bickering and complaints when the weather does not cooperate. Game consoles and hand-held devices can do much to keep children busy. The same is true of board games and DVDs. However it is still a good idea to ensure that your kids have a decent supply of books to read. You can either visit your local bookstore or take your kids to the library. Try to ensure that your kids get books that genuinely interest them. You may wish to purchase some activity books with pictures to color in, and puzzles for your kids to complete. Kids will also tolerate inclement weather days more readily if they have a computer with internet access. Just make sure you use parental controls so that your children cannot look at anything inappropriate. Letting the kids have play dates will do a great deal to stop them from getting bored in the house. Allow your children to invite some of their school friends to stay the night. It should run smoothly if you provide plenty for them to do together.

2. In the Neighborhood

Encourage your kids to play outside with other kids from the neighborhood. Let them camp out together in the yard, or swim in your pool. Organize outdoor activities like obstacle courses or treasure hunts for them. If your kids have other children to play with outside, the summer holiday will pass quickly for them. They will also stay out of your way so that you can get on with household chores.

3. Trips and Excursions

Short trips, vacations and excursions can do a great deal to break up the monotony of the summer holiday. Take your kids camping, hiking or fishing at weekends. Alternatively you could drive them to the beach, or take them to the cinema to see the latest kid’s movie. There are also several kid-friendly museums in Orange County. For instance you could take your children to the Discovery Science Center, the Children’s Museum of La Habra or the Bowers Kidseum for the day.

4. Classes and Workshops

If you want your kids to develop more self-confidence or learn something new this summer, consider enrolling them in a class or workshop. If your kids like animals, you could send them to Ivy Gate Farm Riding School in San Juan Capistrano. Alternatively you could let them join the Young Chefs Academy or the Performer’s Academy. There are plenty of workshops and classes for kids in the Orange County area. There are also clubs and activity centers for kids in Orange County. The Boy Scouts of Orange County or Girl Scouts of Orange County are just two of the organizations that can help your children develop life skills and build character this summer.

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