7 Habits That Can Ruin Your Career


Many people are eager to advance their careers, and these same people may be perfectly competent in what they do. That being said, even the most competent person can give off the wrong impression to their colleagues and superiors in the workplace, which can lead to them being passed over for a promotion. Be self-aware and make sure you are not committing one of the following mistakes that can hinder your career goals!

1. Not being able to manage your time effectively

Not only does poor time management makes you look unprofessional, but it often means you are not completely your designated tasks on time. This can pose a problem, particularly if you are responsible for a large project.

2. Being unorganized

A messy desk looks bad and can poorly represent the company to any outside visitors. Furthermore, you are more likely to lose important items and documents.

3. Not being properly groomed

A sloppy, disheveled look reflects poorly on your competency in a professional office. Properly clean yourself, and ensure you smell good, too.

4. Dressing inappropriately

Along with not being well groomed, an outfit that is either too large or too tight makes it look like you just don’t care about the job. Certain work environments have more casual dress codes than others, but a properly-fitted outfit that doesn’t show too much skin will always be your best bet.

5. Being disrespectful to your boss and colleagues

Rudeness is never appreciated, particularly in an office environment where you work closely with others on a daily basis. Always be polite, even if and when others are rude to you.

6. Gossiping

It’s a natural instinct for many people to gossip about others, but indulging in too much office gossip can come back to haunt you, particularly if you’ve gossiped about a person who can help you advance in the company.

7. Bringing your personal life into the office with you

Many offices encourage employees to engage with each other outside the office in the form of company parties and happy hours. However, keep in mind that these get-togethers are still professional events. Additionally, no one wants to hear your weepy break-up phone call or how late you were awake partying the night before.

When you are at work, be sure you are fully present and engaged in the job at hand.