7 Easy Ways to Work More Efficiently With Your iPad


You love working on your new iPad, but you could always use more free time to spend downloading cool new applications. These handy tips will show you how to get you through your work more quickly and get the most out of your device.

1. Copying and pasting

Many people know that highlighting a word for copying can be done with a simple double tap. Many people would probably also like to know that you can highlight a whole paragraph by tapping anywhere on the relevant text 4 times, instead of playing around with annoying blue knobs.

2. Activating capslock

Sometimes you just feel like having a good rant on a forum. Or maybe you have a more decorous reason for wanting your caps lock on. Instead of having to hit Shift with each letter, which can slow a good tirade down, tap the Shift key twice to enable the caps lock.

3. Correcting typos

Some typists don´t have what it takes to elegantly edit a word using a touch screen. A quick way and precise way of cleaning up typos is to use the magnifying glass tool – this gives you more screen space to work with whilst making your corrections. To use the magnifying glass, just keep your finger on the offending word until the magnifying lens pops up.

4. Taking screen shots

With a resolution of 768×1024, the iPad can take screen shots which look good on a full-size monitor; just press the Power and Home buttons together for half a second. You will find the screen shot in your photo library.

5. Rearranging applications in the tray

The iPad holds 4 application icons in its bottom tray by default; Safari, Mail, Photos, and iPod. You can easily change these applications, and you can even add 2 more. To move an application, you press the icon and keep your finger on it until it starts to shake. Then you can either drag it in or out of the tray.

6. Receiving and previewing email

You can make sure you see your new emails as soon as you open the Mail application by going to the Settings menu and selecting Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Under Fetch New Data you can change the setting from Manual to Push. This will drain your iPad´s power a little quicker, however.

Now you have lots of email to sift through. Normally, you can only see the first 2 lines of an email in the preview pane, which might not be enough to decide whether the message is worthy of your immediate attention or not. You can change your settings to preview up to 5 lines per email by going to Settings and selecting Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then choosing the amount of lines you want to see under Preview.

7. Printing from your iPad

No matter how hard you may try to go “paperless”, sometimes only a hardcopy will do. It´s already possible to print directly from your iPad by getting a printing application like ePrint, Air Sharing HD or PrintCentral. iPad printing applications are still in their infancy and require more development to make them truly user-friendly, but most of them will do an acceptable job.