6 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy


Most people find that owning a dog makes them feel happy. However, having a dog shouldn’t just be about the happiness of the owner. The owner also has a responsibility to make the dog feel satisfied with his lot in life. Do you think that your dog is a happy animal? Making a dog happy is not at all difficult. There are common sense tips any dog owner can follow to make his pet feel content.

1. Give Him Shelter

Dogs may be born with their own fur coats, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to the elements. If you own a dog, it’s your responsibility to provide him with adequate shelter. Dogs need protection from the cold, snow, rain, wind and heat. If possible, you should let your dog live in the house with you. If your dog has to live outside, provide him a kennel with warm bedding.

You should also provide your dog with somewhere to sleep. Most dogs enjoy sleeping in a crate because having a den of their own makes them feel protected. Alternatively, you could allow your dog to find his own sleeping spot. He will probably pick a place that makes him feel secure. For example, many dogs choose to sleep under the bed or behind the sofa. Do not allow your dog to sleep on your bed or on the sofa. If you give your dog free reign, he will not know that his place in the pack is beneath humans. Your dog needs to acknowledge you as pack leader in order to be psychologically healthy.