6 Benefits of Having an Older Brother


Most girls complain that having an older brother is annoying. But very often, we just don’t notice positive things.

In fact, there are many benefits of having an older brother you might never even think about. Here are some reasons why having an older brother would be bliss.

1. You will have a protector

An older brother will always protect you from those boys who act mean to you. An older brother will always take care of you and make sure you are safe. He will be like a second dad to you, a much younger and cooler father.

2. You will know boy’s preferences and tastes

You’ll always know what to gift your boyfriend, if you have an older brother. You’ll also have a right idea as to what he would like, because you’ll be acquainted with a boy’s preferences and tastes. In addition, you will learn more about video games, sports, and other such boy stuff that you may not even know about.

3. You will understand guys better

When you have an older brother, you will know how to deal with guys better. You will be aware of what to expect when it comes to staying with guys and you will be able to get on easily with them. Trust me, even the guys will feel more relaxed and comfortable around you.

4. You will have more male friends

Surely, your older brother will have lots of male friends coming over to your house. Most of them might be nice to you and you’ll have more male friends than the other girls of your age.

Moreover, none of these boys will dare to laugh at you, because you’re a sister of their friend. This is the law of friendship among boys!

5. You will have a dance partner

Think about those awkward situations when there is a good music playing at a party, but you don’t have a partner. If you have an older brother and you want to dance, I’m sure that he will not mind dancing with his younger sister for a song or even two.

6. You can wear your brother’s clothes

If you are one of those girls who like wearing boy’s clothes, your brother’s wardrobe may come handy for you. You can choose oversized watches, Peter pan collared shirts, smart printed T-shirts, biker jackets and fedora hats. You don’t need to buy all these clothes, as you can find them in your own home.

Are you amazed to hear so many benefits of having an older brother? Are you happy now? Do you know some other benefits? Share your thoughts, please!