5 Tips for Eating on Your Porch


Warm weather is here and eating on your porch sounds inviting. Yet often people don’t eat outside, because of minor inconveniences. Here are five tips to make your al fresco dining more enjoyable.

1. Use containers with lids

Between servings, put the lids back on the food. Not only will lids help keep your hot food warm and your cold food cool, they will prevent insects from diving in and becoming part of the meal.

2. Use trays and carts

Use trays and carts for the trips between the kitchen and your table out of doors. This way you’ll make fewer trips.

3. Consider using a fan

If there are a lot of insects, a gentle fan can help persuade them to fly somewhere else. Its breeze will also keep you cool. You could either install an overhead fan outside or use an extension cord with a smaller portable fan.

4. Use furniture that stacks or folds

This way, the seats of the lower chairs will be protected and you will not have to spend much time cleaning them. Covers are another way to keep out the dirt so that each time you want to enjoy your porch you’re not involved with a major cleaning challenge.

5. If your eating area is too sunny for comfort, add some shade!

You can do this immediately by adding an awning. You can take a longer-term approach by planting a tree.

Hopefully, these tips will make it just a little more pleasant to eat outside and to enjoy your summer.