5 Scientific Ways that Make You Hotter


We all know that beauty is a subjective concept and depends on the preferences of each person, but there is a general level of standards that we all strive to meet! Every woman wants to be attractive, even Victoria’s Secret models are looking for ways to become even more beautiful! If you also want to improve yourself, science can help you! There are five proven ways to help you get hotter.

1. Eye contact

Eye contact is a reliable means of attracting attention and it also helps to increase a sense of intimacy between people. So eye contact can be a great starting point if you want to be more attractive to someone!

2. Smile

Just smile! The visual image of someone smiling is always conjuring only positive vibes. The smile makes you seem more confident and more friendly.

3. Body contact

Try to be more tactile with the person in such a way that it creates a connection between the two you. I’m talking about things like hugs, arm touches when talking, etc. Do not forget that consent is the most important thing, so you should be tactile only if the person is responding positively!

4. Good listener

Deep down, we are all a bit narcissistic, and, accordingly, we are pulled to people who think that we are good listeners and really taking in what we say. If you want to seem more appealing to someone, then do the courtesy of really listening to them!

5. Compliments

Compliments this is one more tip that plays into the narcissistic qualities, so if showering people with praise it going to make them view you more favorably!