5 Decor Tips For Cowboy Style Home


Do you find yourself yearning for a simpler way of life — perhaps a home on the range? Not many of us are cowboys these days, but you can still put some ranch romance into your life by selecting Western-themed rustic furnishings.

Cowboy style for the home isn’t hard to achieve. The look is “casual and relaxed,” says Carmel Valley, Calif., interior designer Brooke Doyle. Motifs of the West can add the right kick to a room, whether it’s cattle brands, imagery of horses and riders, or Native American artifacts.

When looking for appropriate décor and furniture on the Internet, these keywords are helpful: Western, ranch, cowboy, cabin, rustic, and hacienda. Here are some of the essential elements of cowboy style for the home:

Look for materials such as leather

Look for materials such as leather, barn wood or burl wood, and metallic accents with a rusty patina. Rugged furniture in saddle-blanket material or leather will fit well in the Western-themed room.

Early American furniture

Heavier, more rustic furniture is appropriate, especially when it has a rough-hewn or distressed style. But also consider Early American furniture, similar to what a ranch circa 1900 might have had in its parlor.

Think prairie tones

Thick, durable materials that wear well are also key to the look. For color palettes, think prairie tones and sunsets.

Look for light fixtures

One or two well-chosen pieces in a room can add the right kick. Look for light fixtures made from antlers, hand-carved chests, and displays of saddles, boots, Western hats or horseshoes, or native American items, like handcrafted baskets.

Western and Indian themes

Art with Western and Indian themes also can be a dramatic focal point for a room.