5 Cool Scentsy Fragrances on the Go


Fragrances evoke special memories and have different meanings for everyone. That’s why Scentsy products can’t be explained – they have to be experienced. Scentsy Products offer your home incredible scents, mood lighting and safety. Everything Scentsy does is based on three core principles: Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity.

Exploring Scentsy’s Fragrance on the Go is like unwrapping a fantastic new present!

1. Fragrance Foam

With this Scentsy’s new antibacterial Fragrance Foam you can sanitize your hands at any time. It is available in 10 fresh scents.

2. Scent Paks

You can have up to 30 fragrances in Scent Paks. The Scent Pak is the great size for your gym bag or lovely purse, and also it fits perfectly inside the zippered pocket on your Scentsy Buddy.

3. Scent Circles

Scent Circles are available in all fragrances. You can hang it freely in cars, lockers, and rooms. Each Scent Circles will give you weeks of Scentsy wherever you go.

4. Room Sprays

These sprays are also available in all scents. One spray fills a room with your favorite Scentsy fragrance. It is perfect for closets, linens and hotel rooms.

5. Travel Tins

Travel Tins are available in 29 fragrances, including Leather. The more you open Travel Tin, the more fragrance you get! Portable and convenient, perfect anywhere you need a touch of Scentsy.

We are always ready with a big dose of fragrance! Enjoy our most beautiful scents. With over 700 Scentsy products, you’re sure to find the warmer and scent you’re looking for. Refresh your home, car or hotel room with our Fragrances.