3 Best Choices for Baby Shower Favors


The baby shower favor is such a simple and basic part of the festivities, yet it can be fraught with hard to make choices. Choosing the perfect favor for the baby shower festivities isn’t nearly as easy as you think. Each favor holds special meaning. Decide what you would like to convey to the guests and choose accordingly.

1. Hershey’s Miniature Chocolates

Guests will love personalized candy wrappers specially made to place over Hershey’s Miniature Chocolates. Nothing is more fun than opening a wrapper to a bite-sized bar of some of the best chocolate in the world.

2. Seed packets

If chocolates just don’t seem to say enough, personalized baby shower seed packets may be the answer. Guests plant the seeds in their yard and watch as a mixture of wildflowers appears. This is absolutely one of the most beautiful ways to share this important event.

3. Baby shower bookmarks

Baby shower bookmarks remind guests of the special day every time they use it to hold a spot in their book. This party favor will last for years to come and is perfect for baby shower guests who enjoy reading. This novelty item is easily tucked away in a book for safekeeping.

With this many choices, it is hard to decide which personalized baby shower favor to select. Since each party favor represents something different about the event, give out a mixture of baby shower favors. The chocolates represent sweetness, the seeds represent growth and the bookmark represents knowledge. All three items represent something wished for every newborn baby.

Baby shower favors are an inexpensive yet fun way to thank baby shower guests. They also add a personal flair to the occasion and give guests something to add to their scrapbooks. A baby shower is a great celebration of new life. Giving guests a party favor is a welcome reminder about the joys of new life coming into the world.