10 Best Summer Accessories by Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs is a top brand for fashionable summer accessories. This summer bags, clutches, purses, sunglasses, rings, bracelets and even hair pins are extremely popular. Every fashion keen-person knows that Marc Jacobs creates only exclusive things, that are simple and subtle at the same time. Let’s take some new summer accessories into consideration:

1. Packable Shopper

Shopper bag is one of the must-have summer accessories 2011. Summer shopping will be extremely pleasant with such a bag. So spacious and at the same time at the top of style. Very cozy with its country style print it will fit every shoes you have. I take it when I wear flats, sneakers and pumps…everything is just ideal!

2. Classic Q Lil Ukita

I fell in love with this lovely yellow bag. It is bright and practical and it will fit both for cocktail party and for office routine.100% Italian cow leather, cotton lining. Available in two more colors. It will definitely make your day sunny.

3. Enamel Disk Tote

This extra large tote will be useful for picnics, shopping or beach trips. Inner pocket is very useful for all the little things you have .Just put in it your beach towel, sunglasses, lotion, fav book and you will see it still has room inside! Bright-colored it will make you look appreciable.

4. Colorblock Heart Pony Tail Cluster

This summer accessory is very nice and a bit childish, but who doesn’t think about being child again? These cute pony tail holders are designed in beautiful style. Three in a block they will always fit your mood and help you to find new hair style everyday.

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Cat Eye Sunglasses

How can you spend your summer without this accessory? These attractive sunglasses are designed in vintage style. The shape is universal, it’s unisex and fits every face type. Available in different colors.

6. Grey Shopper Flats

These comfortable flats are only for true shoppers who can chase all day for fashion stores, not getting tired. You will definitely feel comfort. Miss Marc Jacobs on the cap toe will always make you smile.

7. Heart-shaped compact purse cosmetic mirror

This heart shaped little mirror is plastic red decorated with gold letters. You will have two mirrors in one: common mirror and magnifying one. It will perfectly look in your hands with red manicure.

8. Marc Jacobs daisy stud

Beautiful flower earrings will create sunny summer mood. If you use Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs, these little studs will turn out to be perfect addition to your scent.

9. Miss Marc Umbrella

What summer can be without rain? To protect you from cold summer shower, Marc Jacobs designed this large clear umbrella. At least it will be fun to watch raindrops flowing down from the sky and stay comfortable cozy like home!

10. Bunny clock necklace

This adorable little bunny hangs on a silver chain. Clock is on the bottom of a bunny. Take it with you and you will feel like Alice in Wonderland.

So, as you see Marc Jacobs is not a snobbish brand of dull classic things. It fits everyone: a little girl, a young woman, a mature woman. Let me know if any other Marc Jacobs Accessories attracted your attention.