Writing for the Web


3. Compensation for writers is definitely changing

While this may seem a terrifying, writers’ block inducing phenomenon, particularly for writers who are used to performing work-for-hire in a linear fashion, don’t be scared, be happy. The new rules often mean writers will get paid more for their work, if they know how to work within the new paradigm. Specifically, there is more need than ever for good writers right now, and more outlets than ever are looking. Every web page that requires content is also a space for advertising. Highly trafficked sites are looking for ways to attract ever more advertising. And that means they need content before they can place ads. Most of them are willing to spit advertising revenue with writers. However most writers want more assurances than merely ad revenue. This is where the new hybrid payment agreements come in. More and more sites are entering into page/site revenue shares with writers that are some kind of hybrid model comprised of a small amount of cash up front and then a percentage of either overall web or site page views per month or a percentage of the advertising revenue generated by their page views, or even a percentage of the sales generated by the ads on the webpage in which their article appears. Authors need to seek out the best deals on the sites they like writing for or even negotiate new kinds of hybrids. The space is wide open and so are the possibilities. Publishers will work with you if you are a good writer and work with them to bring traffic to the site.

4. The ability to write is never wasted

As much as one writes for others, writers should also take advantage of whatever additional time they have to develop their own blogs. This will also help more established writers continue to gain additional writing revenue that will build on itself as writers can also promote their other work online. Even in the beginning however, a nascent blogger can use this venue to experiment with writing styles, learn about building back links, SEO strategies, keywords, how to use all of these strategies to generate placement, how track the dollars one generates via utilization of Ad sense or Bidvertiser, promoting products as an affiliate marketer, or working with various other services to help monetize their blog. Whatever route or combination one chooses, there are clearly plenty of ways for writers to begin exploring ways to make money with their writing online. In fact, starting with a free blog is often the best way to explore ways to make money via the web while learning how to hone one’s writing style and skills to communicate most effectively via this new medium.

Writing may be one of the most unlikely job skill sets requiring a Web 2.0 upgrade.

Acquiring this skill, however, is one of the best professional investments those who take the time to do so will ever make. Becoming a web writer can take many different forms. One can write articles, post comments, keep a blog, be an affiliate marketer, become a market researcher, or combine these all into some hybrid mixture that is only possible online. Whatever the case, it is increasingly clear that being an online writer is a very smart investment in the ability to secure some kind of independent income if not job security at a time when many are wondering where the next paycheck will come from.

It is also one of the best, most interesting and lucrative green home jobs.