8 Worst Habits of Unhappy People and How to Break Them


4. Focusing on the negative things in life

Seeing only the negative side of every situation and dwelling on it is a sure way to be unhappy in life. There’s always a positive side of every situation, even the worst one, and it’s always possible to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Both happy and unhappy people have problems. The difference is the way they solve those problems.

How to break this bad habit:

I can tell you from my experience that it’s hard to break this habit and you will need a lot of patience. If you are a chronic perfectionist, you should break this habit first. Once you kick that habit, start breaking the habit of focusing on the negative things in life. Learn to see both the negative and the positive sides of any situation you are in and accept things as they are.

If you can change something, do it. If you can’t, let go mentally and emotionally of what is negative and don’t dwell on it. Whining about the negative detail is just a waste of time. Every time I’m in a difficult situation, I always think of the ways to turn a negative into a positive because only then I can think clearly how to solve the problem.

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5. Being dragged down by negative voices

It actually goes hand in hand with focusing on the negative things in life, so if you have this habit, you need to break it today. Who you socialize with, what you watch, read and listen to have a huge impact on how you think and feel. You will never be happy if you live in a sea of negative voices, which tell you that life will always be filled with limits and it will be unsafe and unhappy.

In order to break this bad habit, you need to replace those negative voices with positive ones. Avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive people who make you smile and happy. Don’t start your day with watching the morning news or reading the paper. Instead, listen to the inspiring music or read some inspiring books.

6. Comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others is one of the worst habits that most people have these days. We often compare jobs, houses, cars, relationships, money, clothes and many other things. We get upset about someone else’s success and many of us end up living someone else’s life. Comparing what you have in life to what other people have is a sure way to make yourself unhappy.

Have you ever tried to compare yourself to yourself? Sounds strange, right? But it’s actually the key to success and a happy life. See what you’ve achieved, how much you’ve grown, and what you’ve made to reach your goals. You can even have a special journal where you write down your goals and your progress in reaching them.

This way, you won’t have time to think of other people and their success. You will learn to love and appreciate yourself and what you have in life. Check out the article How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People that will help you to overcome the habit of comparing yourself to others and will help you live a happier life.

7. Limiting life

If you hold yourself back and you don’t live your life to the fullest because you’re afraid what others may say or think if you do something new or different, you need to break a habit of limiting your life. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things and everyone is unique in their own way.

Unhappy people think that they know how others see them and what think about them. Stop caring about what other people think and start living your own life and doing things you like. Never take criticism as a personal attack and let go of negativity. In fact, other people don’t care about what you say and do.

They have their own problems and fears and they worry about their own lives. Instead of thinking about your flaws and fearing what everyone thinks of you, focus on the people around you. Be kind and polite. Help people in need and it will help you boost your self-esteem and improve yourself.

8. Focusing too much on money

While it’s okay to focus on making money, saving and buying a lot of expensive things, if you do it all the time, it can make you miserable. Unfortunately, most of us have this bad habit without realizing it. We believe money can do everything and we stop being thankful for what we have in life. Both rich people and poor people can be happy and unhappy.

I know a couple of rich people who have everything they want, but they don’t have one of the most important things in life – happiness. I also have a few friends who don’t make a lot of money, but they are always positive and they really enjoy their happy life. Zig Ziglar once said, “Money won’t make you happy, but everybody wants to find out for themselves.”

It’s just an illusion that money will bring you happiness. Stop focusing too much on the money. Embrace all your daily blessings and be thankful for everything you have in life.

It’s not difficult to be happy, you just need to want it. Try to break these worst habits no matter how hard it will be. But make sure you really overcome your bad habits, because sometimes people don’t break their bad habits, they simply replace them with the new ones.

Cultivate your happiness and live your life to the fullest and without regrets. “Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” – Roy Goodman. Do you have any bad habits of unhappy people?