15 Worst Foods to Eat Before Bedtime


7. Bread

If you’re trying to gain a few pounds, you can eat bread late at night. However, if you’re on a diet and trying to lose weight, stay away from this bedtime snack.

My friend needed to put on weight and she did nothing but have a sandwich each night. She put on 10 pounds in a month with just little effort. The thing is, bread contains carbs and yeasts that can cause your body to put on weight, as well as crave more carbs and eat more at night. But if you are trying to gain weight, it doesn’t mean that you should eat sandwiches the whole day and night.

There are a lot of healthy ways to put on weight and eating bread isn’t a healthy way. Instead of reaching for sandwiches, consider eating a small bowl of hot oats. This is also a source of carbs, but it will not lead to weight gain like sandwiches will.

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