15 Worst Foods to Eat Before Bedtime


15. Cereal

If you are watching your weight, cereal is another food to avoid eating at night. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with eating one bowl of whole-grain cereal at night. Just stay away from sugary cereals, or you will get a sugar high right before bed and you can forget about a good night’s sleep.

Personally I think a bowl of oatmeal with milk is much healthier than cereal and I don’t recommend eating any cereal, even in the morning. Researches show that cereal can be bad for us and it can cause numerous health issues, if consumed regularly, especially before bedtime.

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To tell the truth, I think it’s okay to eat everything you want at night, but do it in moderation. But according to numerous studies, the aforementioned foods are not recommended to eat before sleep. Try to avoid these foods and you won’t have trouble falling asleep.

What’s your favorite bedtime snack?