7 Wholesome Foods That Cause Acne


7. Yogurt

Can you imagine that dairy products can be unfavorable for your skin and can cause your acne? I must admit it is true. Yogurt is one of the most popular dairy products.

So many people choose this food among all the others. But they even don’t guess that it can be the reason of numerous skin problems.

If yogurt is the basic food of your daily diet, I would suggest you to buy only the plain kinds, without extra sugar. Such yogurt has useful and healthy probiotics that promote a better digestion for you. As an alternative you can try kefir.

Make sure you read all the ingredients of the yogurt or kefir you are going to buy. They must contain only cultures and milk. Don’t forget that all kinds of dairy form mucous in our body.

Sometimes it can be the reason of troubles for most people. Nowadays the most urgent problem concerning skin is breaking out. To prevent all the skin issues you are supposed to stop eating dairy at least for a week and after watch the results.

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I think you can find some foods in this list which can cause your acne, even though they seemed absolutely healthy to you. If definite skin problems bother you very often, you should learn the main reason for that. At first, try to remove certain foods from your daily usage.

Please, express your opinion about these foods. Have you ever had acne after eating any of them?