7 Wholesome Foods That Cause Acne


6. Salsa

When I choose among the variety of spicy sauces I usually stop at salsa. I truly love this condiment, but I must keep it in small amounts. Like all the foods mentioned above, salsa also has lots of acids and Vitamin C, which can harm your health to some extent.

Tomatoes are the major ingredient of this sauce. Everything what was written about this vegetable can be referred to salsa either. This condiment can’t be cooked without pepper and vinegar which certainly guarantee skin issues for you.

Don’t eat too much of this spicy food. You can try it on some special occasions. You are a lucky person if you don’t have any problems after eating salsa.

I’m not a lucky one, so I had to reduce its consumption to one time in a month. It will be great if you switch to canned tomatoes or tomato paste instead. In such way, you’ll avoid all the additional ingredients and spices that can be dangerous for your skin.