7 Wholesome Foods That Cause Acne


5. Orange Juice

It’s such a great pleasure to treat myself to a glass of fresh orange juice. I usually can’t resist this temptation, especially in summer. But I know it is almost forbidden for my skin.

One of the greatest disadvantages of this juice is sugar. Even when you buy it unsweetened, the level of sugar is extremely high.

When your body gets large dose of sugar, it is very harmful for your health. Your skin will react immediately to orange juice. For most people it can be the reason of numerous breakouts.

Do you know that orange juice which you usually buy at the supermarket has more than 20 grams of sugar and no fiber at all? Most candy bars contain almost the same quantity of sugar. So, you must think thoroughly before buying the next carton of orange juice.

No doubt that Vitamin C and natural acids which can be supplied to your body from this juice are really useful and necessary. If you drink it in excess, breakouts will be a usual issue for you.

It should be mentioned that all citrus fruits are rather problematic for some people. They can be the reasons of allergies and various health disorders due to high levels of acids and Vitamin C.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be disappointed as there are so many other choices available for you. For instance, you can drink green juice which is so delicious and amazing for your skin.

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