What Is Street-Style? Here’s What You Need To Know

What is Street Style?

Given street style's association with streetwear (also known as activewear or activewear),

What is Street Style?

it's no surprise that the street style aesthetic can include the addition of oversized garments, traditionally worn for sports

What is Street Style?

or partly outdoor activities, and worn in Certain aspects contribute to street style style aesthetics.

What are Street Style Outfits?

 As everyone has a specific style that is unique to them as people, putting together an outfit can be fun and liberating. Keeping in mind that sporty or leisurely element in the outfit.

What are Street Style Outfits?

For example, pairing sneakers with tailored pants and skirts or pairing dressy shirts and different types of vests with denims.

Where Did Street Style Come From?

Street style goes back to as early as post WWII days. Hence, it can be said to come from that time of revival.

How To Have A Great Street Style?

For street style looks to be authentic and personal, a person would have to know what works and what doesn’t.

How To Have A Great Street Style?

This is often reached through a few experiments with the person’s personal style.

How To Have A Great Street Style?

On another level, there are some who simply and effortlessly develop a signature or personal style organically.

Street Style Tips to Get you Started

Although street-style is best approached organically, using one’s discretion as to what works best and what doesn’t.

Street Style Tips to Get you Started

If you’re still undecided on how to go about getting your own street-style look together, below are a few fashion styles that are meant to inspire you towards your own unique style.

Boho Style

Prints as well as macramé, fringe and unique textures contribute to this down-to-earth type of style.

Chic Style

Think clean, simplistic lines, no distracting elements aside from unique and subtle detail. Luxurious fabrics, lots of pale or muted colors, neutrals and white…white and white.

Vibrant Style

This style is perhaps one of the easiest styles to pull-off. A deep egg-plant toned top with an emerald colored pants or skirt brought together with a ruby red jacket, sunflower bag and blueberry shoes.

Rocker Style

Although dark tones are big with this type of style, white and grey are perhaps the only colors that may be used in the lighter frequency.

Ethnic Style

From the vibrancy to the various types of prints, several different aesthetics combine to give us Ethnic style.

Hip-Hop Style

A big part of this style is comfort, which is why lots of baggy, loose clothing is used. From baggy pants and oversized t-shirts to vintage basketball jerseys.

Romantic Style

Going with soft, sheer and luxurious fabrics such as chiffon, lace, tulle, gauze, velvet, soft cotton and linen. It’s best to stay away from any kind of prints such as animal prints, fur, leather, polyester or artificial fabrics.


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