What colours should people wear to interviews?


It's a brilliant choice for people who work in health care, conservation or education. Choose dark shades of green to look more professional and lighter green for a more creative style.


Choose a brighter shade of blue to look more confident and fun, and select navy blue or a similar colour for more conservative, professional jobs.


This shade represents sophistication, leadership and exclusivity. It's best in interviews for supervisory or managerial positions.


People associate grey with independence, intelligence and analytical skills. It complements bright colours, so pairs well with a bright tie or handbag.


Yellow makes you seem optimistic, cheerful, outgoing, creative and intelligent. A pale yellow shirt or blouse pairs well with a grey suit.


Purple gives the impression that you're artistic and creative. It can also make you seem introverted or independent. Understated shades of purple are suitable for interview wear.


This colour communicates dependability and reliability. However, wearing too much brown is old-fashioned, so balance your outfit with other complementary colours.


Wearing white or beige shows that you're neat and organized. However, limit this colour to a simple shirt.


Red is such a strong colour that too much can be distracting. Be sure to choose understated, deep shades of red, like burgundy for dresses or suit jackets.


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