The Best Board Games of 2022

Return to Dark Tower

Good for: 1980s kids Kind of like: Talisman Ages: 10+


Good for: history fans with spare time Kind of like: Ticket to Ride Age: 12+ Players: 1-4


Good for: Dungeons and Dragons fans Kind of like: Gloomhaven, Descent: Legends of the Dark Ages: 14+ Players: 1-4

Everdell: The Complete Collection

Good for: family game night Kind of like: Dominion Ages: 12+ Players: 1-6

John Company, Second Edition

Good for: the history obsessed Kind of like: Diplomacy, but with colonization Ages: 13+ Players: 1-6


Good for: quick-handed coffee drinkers Kind of like: Galaxy Trucker Ages: 10+ Players: 2-6


Good for: tweens and fantasy fans Kind of like: Stone Age Ages: 10+ Players: 1-5

Fun Facts

Good for: family parties Kind of like: Apples to Apples, but more personal Ages: 8+ Players: 4-8


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