Surprising Flower Meanings

Surprising Flower Meanings

Want to make your floral gifts for Mother's Day more meaningful?  Check out our small collection of amazing flower meanings and learn how to express your emotions and intentions through the language of flowers. 

Orange Tulips

Symbol of energy, cheerfulness and optimism. They bring inspiration and motivation, lift your spirits and decorate any interior.

White Lily

A symbol of purity, nobility and tenderness. It is associated with beauty, elegance and refinement.


A symbol of tenderness, beauty and grace. They are associated with gratitude and appreciation, and are also a symbol of a new beginning.


A symbol of sensitivity, soul depth, and wisdom. It is also associated with patience and secret love.

Yellow Roses

A symbol of joy, friendship and new beginnings. They are associated with sunshine and energy, ideal for expressing appreciation and respect to a friend or colleague.


A symbol of freshness, joy, and carefree. It is also associated with tenderness, friendship, and gratitude.

Calla Lily

A symbol of purity, elegance and simplicity. It is associated with beauty, refinement and nobility. Calla lilies are used to express respect and gratitude


A symbol of strength, confidence, and victory. It is associated with heroism, respect and comfort. Gladiolus is often used to express reverence and respect for those who have overcome difficulties


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