How to Apply  the Mask to the Hair Correctly

Hair Mask

Properly applying a mask to your hair is an important step in hair care and can make a big difference in the condition of your hair. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to learn how to do it correctly by reading this instruction.

Read the Instructions

First, read the instructions on the jar or tube of the hair mask to understand how long it should be left on the strands. It's always best to understand what the product's compilers recommend - in this case, for each beauty product - even if it may seem basic.

Start With  Wet Strands

Once your hair is damp enough after shampooing, divide it into two to four sections depending on how thick it is. Unless otherwise stated in the product, the hair mask is applied only to the length and not to the scalp.

Start With  Wet Strands

Make sure you cover the entire length, especially at the ends where dull, damaged hair lies.

Set a Timer

Most hair masks should be left on for 5-15 minutes - make sure you follow the instructions for the mask you are using during this time.

Set a Timer

If you are using a hair and scalp mask, apply the mask to the roots as well, but apply it lightly so that the pores are not overwhelmed by the heavy formula.

Rinse Well

After the mask has held on your strands for the required time, completely rinse it off your hair with cold water. Using cold water helps to reduce frizz and keep hair smooth after drying.

Rinse Well

Make sure you wash your hair thoroughly to rinse out all of the product and leave your hair soft and clean.


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