Gift Ideas For Someone Who Hates All Their Clothes

A Smart  Button-Down

Every fashion lover needs one in their wardrobe for days when they want to look put-together but don’t have the energy to put in too much effort.

Denim Jacket

As we head into the colder months, there will be the occasional in-between day when it’s cold in the morning, a bit warmer in the afternoon, and back down to chilly temps at night.

An Accessorizing Scarf

Keep your friends warm, you can't have too many scarves. Don't forget that brightly colored scarves are great accents in the trim.

The Best  White Tee

We realize crowning a white tee the best of the best is a bold statement, but we stand by the claim.

A Sexy  Built-in-Bra Top

There’s a sense of euphoria that comes with taking off your bra at the end of the day. With The Klassy Network’s collection of tops with built-in bras, however, they can feel that comfort and physical freedom all day long.

A Shiny Pair of Leggings

This option from Good American is extremely comfortable, too, thanks to a blend of nylon, polyester, and elastane making up its construction.

A Shiny Pair of Leggings

The fabric is body-hugging but soft and stretchy; it will accentuate all the right places, but won’t cinch their waist to the point where breathing is a challenge.


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