8 Colors to Wear On New Year's Eve


If you’re longing for a boost in your bank account or hoping for extra cash to spend in 2023, your wishes can come true by slipping on different shades of green.


Purple will also help you to dip into the spiritual realm, embrace higher-minded ideology or philosophy, and gain wisdom in the year ahead.


It signifies loyalty and positivity, and is especially auspicious when it comes to career — blue enhances professional status by lending confidence to all who wear the color, and also has the power to boost your intuition and well-being.


It allows us to gain clarity and strength in all that we do, which, in turn, helps us improve our overall situation and make necessary changes in order to live our best lives.


Add a splash of gold or go full throttle on New Year’s Eve to bring all sorts of amazingness into your life.


It's a good choice if you’re single and hoping that midnight kiss will become more than just a momentary fling.


With the right amount of determination, we can manifest our truest and deepest aspirations when wearing this color.


This color represents purity of heart and spirit. It’s important to wear any shade of almond if you’re longing to clear the slate and cleanse the energy from the past in an effort to start anew.


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