15 Christmas Nails Design

Glitter and Gloss

Glossy mauve and rose gold glitter are hands down a winning combo.


Celestial Silver

Lean into the new year vibes with a futuristic silver mani.


Frosty Finish

Give Frosty the snowman a run for his money with this chic shimmer style.


Wavy Gems

This wavy set reminds us of the charm bracelets we would add to our wish list around this time of year.


Pretty Pop Art

Pop art featuring your favorite holiday symbols is an adorably unique way to get in the festive spirit.


Gingerbread Mani

Sure, gingerbread men are delicious to eat, but they also look totally adorbs on your nails. Throw in some pink candy canes and you’ve won Christmas.


Festive Ombré

Can’t pick just one look? No problem! Opt for a holiday-themed ombré set and you get the best of all worlds.


Scarlet Snowflakes

Dress up your favorite red polish with some snowflake designs for a fashionably festive twist.


Emerald Aesthetic

Emerald green is the unsung hero of the holiday season; show it the love it deserves.


Delicate Shimmer

If you’re more reserved when it comes to nail colors, this sweet take on pink and shimmer is perfect for the holidays.


Christmasy Jeweled Nails

No color combination is as quintessentially Christmas and red and green. You can’t go wrong.


Sweet Snowflakes

Elevate your natural nail shade with snowflake decals.


Chic Wreath

For a fresh look, play around with parts of the wreath spread across nails, like the look above.


Abstract Green

Or some abstract green nail art.


Baby Blues

Create dimension by adding a couple crystal gems and lining the cuticle with a strip of gold paint.



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