Best Party Hairstyles

Head-Band Play

The trick here is to keep your headbands skinny and in complementary colors or textures. Finish with a matchy-matchy clip and some earrings, and you’re ready to pre-game/head out.

Veiled-Head Pieces

Throw your hair into a messy bun, French-braid it back, or twist it and secure it with a claw clip. The look doesn’t really matter (and your makeup doesn’t really either) as long as you’ve got the veil.

Wrapped Ponytails

Make a high ponytail. Slide on some cuffs, fasten on a few clips, or wrap and knot strips of ribbon around each bubble, tying the ends into a bow or letting them hang freely.

Jeweled-Up Hairlines

Comb back the side of your hair, then slide on your clips a few inches from your hairline to keep the glitz from feeling overwhelming. Bejeweled hairline with some crystal clips and jeweled barrettes.

Bobby pins

If the only hairstyle you’ve managed to perfect since 4th grade is a ponytail, you’re in luck:  you can easily spice up your regular hairstyle for the holidays.

Dotted Accents

Use a combination of pearl hairpins and pearl pins (they literally twist into your hair and hold), inlaid pins and mini pins.


You can fasten one below your topknot or around your chignon, or you can French-braid your hair and tie it to the ends of your braid.

Glitzed-Out Updos

The key here is to embrace the chaotic, because in the end, even the messiest of updos will look polished once you add enough glitz.


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