Best Old World Christmas Ornaments

Old Truck with Tree Ornament

Now here's an old-school ornament to hold onto! Here, a vintage red truck carries home a tree cut right from the farm.

Avocado Ornament

The gold-painted seed and gold glitter trim ensure that this cute avocado ornament stands out amongst the evergreen needles.

Stack of Books Ornament

A stack of hard-cover books feels like something from a tree in Harry Potter or Narnia. They'll add a nice pop of color if your tree is following a specific color scheme.

Peach Ornament

For a rustic-themed tree, opt for a rust-orange peach and some simple wooden ornaments.

Black Labrador Dog Ornament

Honor your pup with an ornament on your tree! Glitter streaks give the dog's fur a textured appearance, so it's not one solid block of black.

Bacon and Eggs Ornament

How cute is this breakfast bauble? The only brekky we need on Christmas morning is eggs and bacon.

Baseball Ornament

Trade out your snowball ornaments for a few of these darling baseballs! They're the perfect gift for thee baseball fan in your life.

School Bus Ornament

Add a pop of yellow with this instantly recognizable bus. It's a super cute addition, especially if you have school-age kids.

Pickle Chips Ornament

Switch things up with your Christmas pickle this year, and opt for these glittery pickle chips.

Pickle Ornament

You know the drill: Hide a Christmas pickle amongst the branches of your tree, and whoever finds it first on Christmas morning wins!

Clear Glass Icicle Ornaments

Intersperse some clear glass icicles among your traditional baubles. They help create a consistent shape variation in your tree decor!

Dog Bowl Ornament

If you already have a dog ornament, you may as well add a bowl too!

Clydesdale Ornament

Can't you see this mighty Clydesdale horse pulling a Christmas carriage through the snow? Poinsettias complete the festive scene.

Cowboy Boot Old World Christmas Ornament

This ornament is from their pioneer collection, and it's covered in flowers—it simply had to make this list! If only they made a version you could also wear!

Taco Ornament

It's a good thing this ornament is dusted with glitter, or else we might just get confused and eat it.

Sheep Ornament

If you're gathering together ornaments for a nativity scene, you're going to need a sheep or two. With a glittery exterior, this little guy is sure to stand out.

Christmas Cottage Ornament

Home for the holidays doesn't begin to describe this wholesome ornament. It has all the details of a classic Christmas cottage: a chimney, tree, trunks, and a bright interior!

Tractor Ornament

Shiny green paint and gold glitter make transform a regular old tractor into a decorative addition!


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