Best  New Year’s Traditions to Celebrate the Start of 2023

Make a List of Resolutions

Believe it or not, New Year's resolutions are said to have been around since ancient Babylonian times. So, when writing out this year's goals, remember that for approximately 4,000 years, people have been working toward achieving their resolutions. You got this!

Kiss at Midnight

You may never have thought about where the New Year's Eve midnight kiss tradition came from. Some historians believe it traces back to ancient Rome's Saturnalia celebration. A raucous good time full of dancing, alcohol, and kissing galore took place during this festival.

Count Down  to Midnight

Build anticipation for the new year by doing a 10-second countdown to midnight. When the big moment arrives, make some noise, share a kiss, or simply shout, "Happy New Year!"

Host a Party

Sometimes the most fun is had in the comfort of your own home surrounded by friends and family! If that's your idea of a good time, throw a party to usher in the new year with New Year's Eve decorations, the best New Year's Eve drinks, and of course, exciting New Year's Eve games.

Watch Fireworks

Across the world, fireworks are a central part of celebrating the new year. You can find displays across the country to enjoy on NYE or light your own.

Light Sparklers

Even if you can't set off your own fireworks, setting off sparklers is another way to welcome 2023 with a crackle of light. It'll make for a beautiful picture and an even more beautiful start to a new year.

Put Old Dishes to Good Use

In Denmark is to throw old or already broken plates and glasses against the doors of your loved ones for good luck. If you open your door on New Year's Day to a heap of broken pieces, it's a sign of being loved and cared for by many people!

Find Round Objects

Round items are all the rage on New Year's Eve, especially in the Philippines! Because the circular shape symbolizes money and wealth, it's the more the merrier!

Find Round Objects

According to this tradition, you can wear polka dots, carry coins, and eat round foods like donuts, bagels and cookies to boost your funds for the next 12 months.

Get Dressed Up

Time to break out that sequined suit that's been waiting patiently in the back of your closet! New Year's is the perfect occasion to wear your sparkliest, fanciest ensembles.

Wear White

Some folks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are used to wearing white on New Year's Eve. The practice is rooted in the belief that wearing the color will attract peace for the coming year.

Take a Polar Bear Plunge

All around the world, people will be kicking off 2023 by running into freezing cold lakes and oceans.

Take a Polar Bear Plunge

The tradition was started in Vancouver, Canada in 1920 by a group of swimmers who called themselves the Polar Bear Club. In the U.S., these events are usually held to raise money for charity.

Leap Into  the New Year

Have you ever seen someone standing on a chair at your New Year's Eve celebration? Chances are, they're celebration with a particular Danish tradition in mind where you literally leap into the new year at midnight for good luck. Why not give it a whirl?

Carefully Choose Your First Guest

In Scotland, a tradition known as first-footing will supposedly determine whether your household has good luck or misfortune for the rest of the year.

Carefully Choose Your First Guest

For prosperity in 2023, superstition says the first person to enter your home at midnight should be a tall, dark-haired male. He should also bring symbolic gifts like coins or black buns.

Make a Toast

The practice of toasting dates back to the ancient world, when people would often raise their glass to someone's good health. No matter how much time has gone by, there's nothing like toasting with those closest to you.

Toss a Coin

Similar to throwing change and making a wish, many Romanians believe that tossing a coin in the river on New Year's Eve will provide good luck for the whole year. So, gather your pennies and bring on the good fortune!

Bang Pots  and Pans

Before there were noisemakers, people made their own joyful ruckus by banging pots and pans at the stroke of midnight. This tradition was once thought of as a way to drive away evil spirits.

Eat 12 Grapes at the Stroke of Midnight

Eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight is customary in Spain. With each chime of the clock at midnight, you have to pop another grape in your mouth—it's no easy feat! Each grape symbolizes a month, and successfully eating all 12 promises a lucky year ahead.

Watch the Times Square Ball Drop

The New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square has been a tradition since the early 1900s. While celebrations in Times Square date back to 1904, it wasn't until 1907 that the crystal ball made its big debut.

Watch the Times Square Ball Drop

Since then, the spectacle has been a staple of New Year's Eve celebrations, with hundreds of thousands of people flocking the streets, and millions watching from home. To learn more about this year's event, click here.

Open Your Doors and Windows

Sure, New Year's Eve might be a chilly time of year depending on where you live. But opening your doors and windows at midnight is a way to let out the old year and welcome in the new, according to a tradition in the Philippines.


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