12+ Best  Food Christmas Ornaments for a Tree That Looks Delicious

Stick of Butter Glass Ornament

Would this be The Pioneer Woman without a stick of butter? We like to think that ornament would be approved by Ree Drummond herself.

Guacamole Ornament

This guacamole ornament has all the right ingredients: ripe avocados, tomatoes, and a wedge of lime.

Cinnamon Roll Ornament

The Pioneer Woman is famous for her cinnamon rolls at Christmastime. Aside from waking up on December 25 to a special delivery of freshly baked rolls from Ree herself, this ornament is the next best thing.

Box of Doughnuts Ornament

Could this ornament get any sweeter? This tiny box of doughnut is adorable in its details. Look closely: Each individual pastry is painted, coated, and frosted with different toppings!

Pie Ornament

What's better than pie? Nothing except maybe all of the varieties!

Ranch Dressing Ornament

The Drummonds sure do love their ranch dressing—in fact, they use it on everything!

Latte Mug Ornament

How's this for a cup of cheer? For anyone who loves their morning coffee, this ornament is a must-have piece of décor. It doubles as the cutest gift, too!

Cheese Ornament

A charcuterie board never fails to impress, so just picture hosting the annual holiday party with a Christmas tree full of cheese! This wedge ornament is darn Gouda.

Cookie Ornament

If you've got a sweet tooth, Christmas cookie season is the most wonderful time of the year!

Corn on the Cob Ornament

It's corn! (And is there anything more to say?) It's glittery, golden, and adorned with a pat of butter.

Fruit or Vegetable Ornament

Turn your tree into a bountiful little garden of citrus fruit, pears, and sugared plums!

Sourdough Bread Ornament

If bread is a bonafide food group for you, pick your favorite: there's a bagel, a baguette, and a loaf of sourdough all in ornament form!

Pancake Ornament

A stack of flapjacks drizzled in maple syrup? Now, that's a breakfast of champions.

Baked Potato Ornament

Potatoes: We love 'em boiled, mashed, and shredded into hash browns. This ornament is in the baked form.

Pickle Ornament

Many families embrace the Christmas pickle tradition—it's fun! Hide the ornament in your tree and whoever finds it, earns an extra present or first pick of the lot.

Turkey Ornament

The fun doesn't stop at Thanksgiving.

Cotton Candy Ornament

What a pretty little delight! This retro-inspired ornament is handmade, featuring a fluffy pink tuft of cotton candy encased in a glass bubble.


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