15+ Best Christmas Tree Themes That Show Your Personality

Classic  Christmas Tree

Start with a traditional color palette for your ornaments: Red, gold, and silver.

Classic  Christmas Tree

Wrap red velvet ribbon in a spiral around the tree. Then, evenly intersperse a mix of metallic and glass ornaments, and add gold beads as a finishing touch!

Grinch  Christmas Tree

Make yourself a real-life grinch Christmas tree, dangling ornament and all! This will add a bit of whimsy to your celebration and call to mind the classic holiday story.

Frosted Vintage Tree

Frame a flocked tree with old-school wooden skis and a dough bowl filled with presents below. The branches are adorned with cool-toned and frosted ornaments.

Grand Green Christmas Tree

Snowflake ornaments "fall"amongst layers of silver bling, white faux fur, mercury glass, and victorian ribbon.

Glam Flocked Christmas Tree

Nothing says glam like big, bold silver and gold ornaments cascading down the tree!

Rainbow Christmas Tree

Give your tree a modern twist and create a color gradient with your decor! Fasten the different ornaments in color blocks that spiral down the tree and have a ribbon follow.

'Birds of a Feather' Christmas Tree

Shake things up with an eclectic mix of white poinsettias, feathers, bird ornaments, wooden beads, and more!

Blue, White,  and Gold  Christmas Tree

When you're tired of the red and green Christmas décor, it's time to break out the white and gold! Blue ornaments disrupt the layers of pale colors and add a necessary pop of color.

Christmas Tree Themes

Decorating for Christmas never seems to lose that magical feeling—especially, the Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Themes

Even after years of putting up the same old porch decorations, window displays, and holiday wreaths.

Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree

Bring some untraditional colors to the table with this pretty pink décor! The pink ribbon and ornaments pair perfectly with holiday rose gold and white.

Green and Gold Christmas Tree

Gold and green baubles intermingle with sparkly gold snowflakes and shimmery ribbon. It's sleek and modern, perfect for a living room or bedroom!

Gingerbread Themed Christmas Tree

This one is all about the most festive treat of all—gingerbread ornaments, garlands, and a full gingerbread house on top!

Pom-Pom Christmas Tree

Add small pom-poms next to the large ones to create a bit of variation, which will be more pleasing to the eye.

Mischievous Elf Mayhem Christmas Tree

Elf on the shelf? Nope! More like an Elf invasion! These little guys have gotten up to some serious trouble, tieing each other up, climbing the tree, and riding around with your ornaments.

Rustic Modern Christmas Tree

Glittery snowflakes, red and silver ribbons, and plaid checked baubles come together nicely with old-school truck ornaments.

Candy Themed Christmas Tree

Place this tree in the kids' room for a sweet surprise adorned with faux cookies, sugar sticks, gingerbread people, and a rainbow garland.

Scandinavian-Style  Christmas Tree

This northern-inspired tree features wooden stars, paper houses, a felt garland, and gold baubles that twinkle against the fairy lights.

Soft White Christmas Tree

This lightly decorated tree is not too much, not too little, with interspersed white and silver baubles, white paper ornaments, and fairy lights that give the whole thing a soft glow.

Small And Simple Christmas Tree

Keep it simple by placing a small tree on a wooden stool with candles and greenery. Keep the planter in a paper bag tied off with string or twine for a rustic touch!

Technicolor Christmas Tree

If the marquee lights don't catch your attention, the technicolor ornaments will! Make your tree stand out this year with crips teals, reds, and whites.


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