8 Tips for Mixing Modern and Vintage Clothing

Mix Formal and Casual Items

Blazers and coats are staples of formal wear that have gone through various iterations over the years.

Let Your Look Revolve Around a Vintage Piece

One method for offsetting these two unique styles is to coordinate  vintage clothes and frill with basic present-day components. It's likewise a choice to base your gathering on a rare embellishment.

Experiment with Different Eras

The rule of thumb when mixing clothing from different style eras is to simply try the outfit on and assess whether your pieces seem to be overpowering each other.  Play around with different items until you achieve the perfect combo.

Wear Vintage-Style Apparel with Authentic Items

Adding a real retro item to your outfit and styling it based on current trends can make your look feel both timeless and effortlessly cool.

Go Vintage for Your Basics

Secondhand shops and thrift stores are extraordinary spots to find retro basics, for example, silk shirts, A-line skirts, and denim coats.

Don’t Be Afraid to Blend the Old  and the New

Combining old-school classics and modern apparel is an art form—one that takes creativity, resourcefulness, and a learned ability to strike the perfect balance between contrasting elements.

Refashion or Restyle as Needed

For one, you can cut a bit of length from jeans, dresses, and oversized tees to give them a modern edge.  You can tuck tops in your pants or skirt or wrap them around your waist to freshen up an otherwise old-fashioned outfit.

Get Inspiration from Fashion Icons

There are plenty of fashion icons, influencers and bloggers, from various eras, whose styles you can use as inspiration.


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