10 Best Size-Inclusive Fashion Brands

Alder Apparel

They offer a small range of expertly crafted items, including cargo pants, joggers with pockets, and their signature Get Dirty dress.

Christian Omeshun

Their clothing, designed by A'shontay Hubbard, is made-to-order for discerning, full-figured women in need of beautiful, well-made clothes.


Henning is the go-to brand for size-inclusive luxury staples.


According to Allihalla, Diston dreamed of creating clothing that uplifted and empowered her customers while simultaneously broadening the idea of size-inclusive fashion.

Copper Union Apparel

Portland, Oregon's Copper Union brands itself as "beautiful clothing for radical fat bodies."

Wray NYC

The brand's chic clothing lines are influenced by the fine arts, with an emphasis on modern painting and sculpture.

The Standard Stitch

As a brand, they recognized the wasteful, harmful practices perpetuated by the fashion industry as a whole.


 In the brand's eyes, women are not only worthy of love and dignity, but they are also worthy of high-quality clothes that make them feel beautiful.

Threads 4 Thought

Their pieces are designed for eco-conscious, active individuals that want to make a positive impact on the earth

SuperFit Hero

The minds behind SuperFit Hero believe that living a good life starts with celebrating your body as it exists at this moment, with clothing that supports and empowers you to feel amazing.


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