10 Ways to Wear Matte Lipstick


10. Dark Matte

You can get an edgy, aggressive look by choosing a dark, muted shade like gray or lilac. This look is great for contrasting your lips with other features of your face, including highlighted cheekbones or bright eyes. Dark matte is probably the hardest look to pull off, so use it with caution.

For now, the matte look is quite popular. Whether matte lipstick remains a beauty staple moving forward will come down to use. You can almost never go wrong with glossy lipstick, particularly if you have thin lips at baseline.

The same cannot be said for matte lipstick. Use this product with caution and understand that making it look good will take a little bit more time and attention to detail. If you have the patience and prepare your lips as above, then you can pull off some very stunning looks with matte lipstick.

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As a final note, remember that matte lipstick contains less oil than standard lipstick, which means it won’t moisturize your lips well on its own. Moisturizing is a great way to ensure that you have smooth, pliable, healthy lips. Most experts suggest that you moisturize your lips twice per day, before putting lipstick on and after taking it off.