9 Ways to Get More Energy during the Winter Season


9. Control the carbs in your food

Scientists say that carbs are not so good for our health. And it will be a good idea to limit the amount of carbs in the food you eat every day. These elements influence your energy negatively. When you consume food which has a high level of carbs, there is a big risk that you can feel tired, exhausted and not enough energy. Try the following foods that are rich in carbs – hamburgers, sandwiches and other heavy or junk dished. That’s why my preferences in food are different. I better choose some vegetable stew, salad or soup. It gives a great ability for my body to boost its energy.

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In winter you can find a lot of ways to save and boost your energy. My advice to you is to change your eating habits, stay active and remember about positive emotions. I usually try to keep these rules and they really help me not to lose my energy in the cold season. Share your ways how to struggle with sleepiness and fatigue in winter. I’d like to hear your tips!