10 Easy Ways to Switch Up Your Look


5. Try a New Wardrobe Color

Fashion experts advise sticking with one or two basic wardrobe colors, or focusing wardrobes around neutrals.

That’s generally good advice, but always sticking to classics and basics can be snooze inducing.

There is nothing wrong with adding a few pieces in red, lavender or hot pink to add pizzazz to your closet full of navy blue and gray pieces.

6. Try a New Hair Color

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a blonde? Why not try on a new shade? Another option is to try temporary highlights in fun colors like hot pink and electric blue. If you are not brave enough to color your own hair, why not try a wig or weave? Today’s wigs and weaves look natural enough to be your own hair, so you can let everyone think that you’ve really decided to go blonde.

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