21 Best Ways to Start a Conversation with a Man


11. Send over a Drink

I know that for many girls it’s not acceptable to buy something for a boy and treat him. But everything changes nowadays and I must admit this trick really works. When the guy sitting at the restaurant or night club receives a delicious cocktail from you, he will surely be aware of your affection to him. The main task for you is to keep on smiling and never lose an eye contact with him. Traditionally, after such girl’s obeisance the guy is expected to come near, introduce himself and express his gratitude to you. In reply you should tell the boy your name and try to be cute and enchanting while complementing him. As for me, every time when I try this tip, it turns out to be a great achievement.

12. Show that You Need His Help

Very often it happens so that in certain places and situations we need someone’s help. This smart idea will astonish you with the great results. There is an abundance of locations where you can use this way to chat with a man. If going to libraries is one of your favorite activities, you can take an advantage of it. Maybe you are not tall enough and getting a book from the top shelf is a problem for you, ask the man for help. Another popular place where you can meet and start a conversation with a person is a supermarket. Like in the library, here you may want to take a definite item but it is out of your reach. A handsome guy nearby will happily help you. Don’t miss your chance to attract his attention.

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13. Ask about the Bus/Train Schedule

Frankly speaking, this way to involve the one into conversation is not so much effective as he may fail to grasp your intention to flirt. When you are at the bus station or railway station anyone can ask you about the schedule. You should be very specific trying to show someone your real desires. Take a glance at the man, smile and approach to him. Be affable and polite when talking to the fellow. It’s necessary to remember that a smile is an indispensable part of your success. Ask him about the time of the train arrival, and if you feel you touched his heart make sure to be extremely thankful and even introduce yourself. That will be a hint for the guy that the schedule is not the main point of your interest.

14. Offer to Sit Down

Whenever you catch sight of the boy with a stunning appearance in the crowd you can offer him to sit down beside you. Even if there is a great number of other tables, where he can sit at, gather all your courage and ask this guy to sit near you. Your persistence is very important, if you really have a strong desire for that communication.

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15. Ask What Is Good

No matter where you meet this guy, you can always ask him what tasty food or drink is available there. Show him that you are greatly interested in his opinion. This idea will work perfectly at the restaurant, café or even at the supermarket. Emphasize that something he is having is wonderful. Comment on the savory smell of his coffee, he will certainly suggest you to sit with him and have a cup of flavored coffee.