21 Best Ways to Start a Conversation with a Man


6. Borrow a Pen

Surely, the way which you choose to involve the one into conversation directly depends on the location where you meet. When you are in some place where you need to make notes but you find out that there is no pen in your handbag, be courageous enough to ask the guy near you to borrow his pen. Don’t forget to be cheerful and smiling while addressing to the person. I think he will heartily share with you everything you need. After having made your notes return the pen and say gratefully: “Thanks a lot! It’s so kind of you!” These phrases will be a nice signal for him to continue talking to you. If he is clever enough, he will certainly take this chance.

7. Ask How to Find a Place

Usually, men feel happy about giving directions for someone. So, if you understand that you are lost in an unknown place, and there is an attractive guy not far from you, gather all your confidence and courage for coming to him and asking for directions. For instance, tell him that you should go to some café or just a street but you can’t find it. I’m sure he will gladly accompany you to that definite place. What is more important, you will have a time to speak on different topics while walking around. If you feel satisfaction from this communication and the man is also interested in you, it will be a splendid idea to offer him a cup of coffee in the café. In completion, you can even exchange your phone numbers.

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8. Admire His Pet

When you go the local park you can see a lot of people walking their pets there. And handsome young men are not an exception. You will definitely find at least a few of them. And if you meet face to face with a nice boy, tell some compliments to his amazing puppy and wish to pet it. You can’t find more suitable reason to start a chat with the man you like. Interest with his pet, its name, breed and age. It would be perfect if you mention all the traits you love in his dog. Your appreciation won’t leave the guy indifferent. He will be pleased by your words. In fact, it’s very easy to see if the fellow really finds you a beautiful and charming girl. His great desire to go on talking and involvement will show you everything.

9. Express Your Interest about the Score

One of the most perfect places where you can find the man of your dream is a bar or any other place where live sport events are shown. Even if you are not a great fan of football or basketball, break the rules and go to such place. Sit next to the boy you’ve noticed in the crowd and ask him about the rules of the game or merely its score. Here you have a wide range of questions to ask. Let him tell about the team he is supporting or his favorite player. Sport is the most appropriate topic to discuss with any man. They all feel so much comfortable when speaking about everything that deals with sport. This is an incredible idea for starting a conversation. Focus on all the details that the boy tells you and give him a pleasant smile.

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10. Share Your Impressions of the Music

Speaking about music is a brilliant way to maintain a successful communication with a man. If you are so lucky to meet him at the café, club or supermarket where music is playing, you don’t even have to think about some special questions to ask. It will be clever of you to wonder the name of the singer or the song. You can comment on that music using such sentences as “This song is fantastic! Do you know the singer?” Murmur the words of the song standing in the queue when you discover that he is next to you. In addition, tell how much you love this tune. In such way, you will enable him to develop your further dialogue.