20 Best Ways to Get Rid of Body Fat Fast


8. Avoid nut butter

Most of us love nut butters, but many of us forget that nut butter is high in calories. How do you want to lose body fat if you get this ocean of calories? Just imagine: 2 spoons of butter contain up to 200 calories! And I know you eat a bit more than two spoons. Consume nut butters in moderation or don’t buy them at all. Opt for chia seeds, flax seeds and – as I have already said – hemp seeds! For the best result add 3 tbsp. of them to your food and eat them every day.

If you’re a sweet tooth and can’t live without this tasty food, here are some tricks I use to substitute nut butter. The first one is honey. It contains fructose and antioxidants. I use honey in my tea, coffee and in recipes as a sugar substitute.

Berries are the second thing I eat when I need something sweet. Most people who stick to diets think that fruits can completely substitute artificial sweeteners and sugar. This is not really so. Many fruits are high in calories and only increase body fats. Banana, grapes, avocado and mango are all high in calories.

Berries contain only 30-40 calories in 100 grams and, what is more, they benefit digestion and metabolism. Try these ploys to avoid using butter in your diet.

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