20 Best Ways to Get Rid of Body Fat Fast


6. Hemp

We all know about whey protein and many people try to lose weight by using it. But I want to tell you that this is not a good way. I did it and all that I got were my big butt and big thighs. Moreover, I always wanted to eat something with sugar, and I was really addicted. As a result, it affected my glycemic index. Then I tried to use hemp protein and it was a good decision.

Hemp tones muscles and does a lot of great things. It’s absolutely organic, vegan and raw. It’s a whole food that is made from hemp seeds. Also hemp isn’t processed product, it’s cold-pressed. Hemp has an amazing nutty taste. Once you try it, you will never even think about protein powders.

Probably you have no idea what you can cook with hemp. I am crazy about hemp smoothie and hemp milk! For smoothie I take 3 tbsp. of hemp seeds, 1 banana and a glass of milk. I blend the ingredients all together and add some ice to it. If you want to make hemp milk you will need 200 grams of seeds and 3 glasses of warm water.

Blend seeds with water and strain the mixture through the sieve. Perhaps the taste will be unusual and inedible. That’s why I always add a bit of vanilla, maple syrup or strawberry to it. Now it’s the best drink I’ve ever tried!

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