10 Ways to Protect Your Eyelashes from Damage


10. Eat Well

Diet is as important for eyelashes as it is for any other aspect of the body. In particular, the B vitamins help to promote hair health. Foods like nutritional yeast, fish, carrots, eggs, legumes, and mushrooms all contain biotin (B7), a vitamin important for your lash health.

In addition to B vitamins, you will want to increase your intake of silicon to improve hair growth. Silicon, in the proper form, can be found in asparagus, cucumbers, olives, green beans, bear, rice, and oats.

You wouldn’t leave products like hairspray in your hair overnight, so don’t leave products on your eyes either. You should always remove makeup before bed and then rejuvenate your skin with moisturizer. Take care of your eyelashes and they will remain full and beautiful and do their job, which is to protect your eyes from debris and sweat, for a lifetime.